PSP LibDoc update

Another large update to the libdocs:

Finally added the 4.05 firmware and updates to 1.50 and 3.52 only.

Some of the more noteworthy NID’s include:

  • 0x96cfac38 sceDisplayGetBacklightSel
  • 0xe55f0d50 sceDisplaySetBacklightSel

Newer method to get/set the brightness levels.

  • 0x42f954d4 sceIoAddHook

This is the function used to implement the CipherIO system (the cphio pseudo IO driver) used by things such as the DNAS IO lib as well as other DRM libs. It hooks the IO functions to be able to implement cipher routines which can then used by simply calling ioctls of this pseudo IO driver.

  • 0x19d579f0 sceOpenPSIDGetPSID

Note, this is NOT the same as sceOpenPSIDGetOpenPSID, plus this is a kernel-only export.

  • 0xe7735df4 sceUsb1SegEEPROMParamRead
  • 0xa68a6c72 sceUsb1SegEEPROMParamWrite

Access to the EEPROM of the 1Seg TV Tuner.

  • 0xc72ed6d3 sceUsbCamEnterFwUpdateMode

Updating the USB Camera firmware.

  • 0xf9ecfddd scePcactAuth1BB
  • 0x08bb9677 scePcactAuth2BB
  • 0x8523e178 sceMlnpsnlAuth1BB
  • 0x6885f392 sceMlnpsnlAuth2BB

Yes another DRM api.

There are plenty more NID’s of various usefulness as well. In general, this was quite a good update, lot’s of great NID’s were cracked.

3 Responses to “PSP LibDoc update”

  1. Have to wonder if many functions will ever actually make it into PSP SDK :lol:

  2. I was wondering… Is it NOT POSSIBLE to READ firmware already present in the Camera?
    We could figure out FOR SURE if the USB is really not in host mode.

  3. @cory1492: things seem to only make it if 1) prototypes are completely figured out and 2) sample usage code to demonstrate the proper usage. Anyway, it is unlikely any more will be added to PSPSDK since it can already do pretty much everything the SCESDK can do (which is the intent anyway). So pretty much all the user libs only, like ctrl, display, etc. Kernel libs are not really needed for homebrew dev, there are not really many kernel libs in the PSPSDK at all (the idstorage lib comes to mind but that’s about it).

    @mr305: that should probably be possible though I’m not sure if there would be anything of value looking through it. Regarding USB Host mode, there is still no evidence to suggest so.

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