The Utilities library was an excellent idea by SCE to allow ever increasing functionality to be available to Game developers (at the expense of user memory though, the Utilities is partly why a whopping 8MB is reserved for the kernel).

Anyway, on to the new NID’s (note not all are available under all firmwares)…

From libs under sceUtility_Driver:

  • 0x943cba46 sceUtilityAuthDialogInitStart
  • 0x0f3eeaac sceUtilityAuthDialogShutdownStart
  • 0x147f7c85 sceUtilityAuthDialogUpdate
  • 0x16a1a8d8 sceUtilityAuthDialogGetStatus
  • 0xdde5389d sceUtilityDNASInitStart
  • 0x149a7895 sceUtilityDNASShutdownStart
  • 0x4a833ba4 sceUtilityDNASUpdate
  • 0xa50e5b30 sceUtilityDNASGetStatus
  • 0x04b24901 sceUtilityDdHelperInitStart
  • 0x1b698f54 sceUtilityDdHelperShutdownStart
  • 0xfd99af0a sceUtilityDdHelperUpdate
  • 0x8fcabab9 sceUtilityDdHelperGetStatus
  • 0x16d02af0 sceUtilityNpSigninInitStart
  • 0xe19c97d6 sceUtilityNpSigninShutdownStart
  • 0xf3fbc572 sceUtilityNpSigninUpdate
  • 0x86abdb1b sceUtilityNpSigninGetStatus
  • 0x42071a83 sceUtilityPS3ScanInitStart
  • 0xd17a0573 sceUtilityPS3ScanShutdownStart
  • 0xd852cdce sceUtilityPS3ScanUpdate
  • 0x89317c8f sceUtilityPS3ScanGetStatus
  • 0x81c44706 sceUtilityRssReaderInitStart
  • 0xb0fb7ff5 sceUtilityRssReaderContStart
  • 0xe7b778d8 sceUtilityRssReaderShutdownStart
  • 0x6f56f9cf sceUtilityRssReaderUpdate
  • 0x8326ab05 sceUtilityRssReaderGetStatus
  • 0x4b0a8fe5 sceUtilityRssSubscriberInitStart
  • 0x06a48659 sceUtilityRssSubscriberShutdownStart
  • 0xa084e056 sceUtilityRssSubscriberUpdate
  • 0x2b96173b sceUtilityRssSubscriberGetStatus
  • 0x0251b134 sceUtilityScreenshotInitStart
  • 0x86a03a27 sceUtilityScreenshotContStart
  • 0xf9e0008c sceUtilityScreenshotShutdownStart
  • 0xab083ea9 sceUtilityScreenshotUpdate
  • 0xd81957b7 sceUtilityScreenshotGetStatus
  • 0xda97f1aa sceUtilityStoreCheckoutInitStart
  • 0x54a5c62f sceUtilityStoreCheckoutShutdownStart
  • 0xb8592d5f sceUtilityStoreCheckoutUpdate
  • 0x3aad51dc sceUtilityStoreCheckoutGetStatus
  • 0x7635200e sceUtilityDialogGetGameInfo
  • 0xef5bc2d1 sceUtilityDialogGetStructVersion
  • 0x463ea95e sceUtilityAppletGetType (an amazing false positive for this nid is sceUtilityPspDialog !!)
  • 0xab46a24f sceUtilityAppletGetParam
  • 0x463ea95e sceUtilityAppletGetType
  • 0x75ff798c sceUtilityAppletGetSpeed
  • 0x4b677ba1 sceUtilityAppletGetStructVersion
  • 0x00948e27 sceUtilityAppletLoadModule
  • 0x4acd6532 sceUtilityAppletUnloadModule
  • 0x97f922a3 sceUtilityAppletSetStatus
  • 0x9bae7dce sceUtilityAppletSetThreadId
  • 0x976f7805 sceUtilityAppletRegisterPowerCallback
  • 0xe542e9d8 sceUtilityAppletUnregisterPowerCallback
  • 0x8e8e3aa3 sceUtilitySetNetParamLatestID
  • 0x3fd8ccfb sceUtilityGetNetParamInt
  • 0x63c3e40c sceUtilitySetNetParamInt

A few previous Utilities had been added to the PSPSDK most notably the Message Dialogs as well as the Web Browser. Some of these newly discovered Utilities may be also worthwhile to add to PSPSDK especially the Screenshot one. While there are already unofficially screenshot libs, it would be more convenient as well as less memory consuming to use an official lib (for example using the official libmp3 to play mp3 files).

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