SBORPS Random Fact 03

Why doesnt PSAR Dumper dump the IPL in 1.xx updaters?

Simple, the IPL was not stored in the PSAR. In 1.50/1.51/1.52 updater EBOOT’s, the IPL is stored embedded in the ipl_update.prx which is encrypted and embedded in the updater app itself (DATA.PSP) which is also encrypted.

Starting from 2.00 the IPL was taken out of the ipl_update.prx and stored inside the DATA.PSAR along with the rest of the firmware which PSAR Dumper can then extract.

Then what about IPL’s from 2.60+ updaters which PSAR Dumper can extract but cannot decrypt? Well starting from 2.60 an extra step was added to the IPL decryption process which used the PSP’s preipl as a decryption seed. The preipl is unavailable to apps by the time the firmware has booted so it cannot be accessed while PSAR Dumper is running to complete the decryption of the IPL, and including the preipl binary in the release of PSAR Dumper would be a big no-no.

So PSAR Dumper can really only dump & decrypt the IPL from three updates: 2.00, 2.01, & 2.50.

Related to this topic is the bogus 1.00 updater which was accidently made available to the public on SCE servers when they were testing out the Network Update feature. Because this update was not a retail update and only for devkits, running this updater on a retail PSP resulted in a brick. The reason is, devkits do not boot the IPL off the nand so this updater did not include an IPL (there is no ipl_update.prx)

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