PSP LibDoc update

Finally got around to updating the libdocs (

Thanks to Insert_Witty_Name for the full sceNetAdhocTransInt_Library nids, and WosRet for some very nice sysmem/kdebug nids:

  • 0x24C32559 sceKernelDipsw (devkit dip switch settings)
  • 0x39F49610 sceKernelGetPTRIG (I don’t know what these are, more devkit stuff?)
  • 0xCE8D3DB3 sceKernelGetQTGP2
  • 0x6D8E0CDF sceKernelGetQTGP3

Some nids from brand new modules like the 1seg TV Tuner and the G729 Audio Compression algorithm used for Skype:

  • 0xf8e2cedc sceUsb1SegScanCh
  • 0x5f62e0b5 sceUsb1SegChangeCh
  • 0xcfcd367c sceG729EncodeInit
  • 0x55e14f75 sceG729DecodeInit

And an unusual change from the standard naming conventions:

  • 0xfa6de6a6 _sce_pspnet_if_up
  • 0xedb11cb4 _sce_pspnet_if_down
  • 0x701dddc3 _sce_pspnet_if_attach
  • 0xd5a03bc0 _sce_pspnet_if_detach

Also added 3.95 firmware (, not surprisingly nids were changed again from the 3.90/3.93 firmware, but at least there’s some new modules (like libaac).

I will probably only update firmwares 1.50 & 3.52 (as well when a new firmware comes along) from now. !.50 for obvious reasons since 1.50 homebrew is still strong, and 3.52 since that was the last update before SCE started randomising the nids.

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