Last remaining sceIdStorage nid

The final remaining idstorage nid:

  • 0x99ACCB71 sceIdStorageCreateAtomicLeaves

As the name suggests, this function creates multiple leaves as an atomic operation. Because each leaf is only one nand page in size (0×200 Bytes), data requiring more than 0×200 bytes will need more than one leaf. This function allows you to create multiple leaves as a single operation. This saves from having to sceIdStorageCreateLeaf each individual leaf.

A good example of this are the umd keys (0×102-0×106), which hold a single continuous stream of data split over 5 seperate leaves:

  1. // leafid is an array of leaf ID’s to be created
  2. // numLeaves is the number of leaves to create
  3. int sceIdStorageCreateAtomicLeaves(u16 *leafId, int numLeaves);
  5. u16 umdKey[5] = {0×102, 0×103, 0×104, 0×105, 0×106};
  7. sceIdStorageCreateAtomicLeaves(umdKey, 5);

That finally completes the idstorage lib !!

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