More DevKit NID’s

SysMemForKernel library (from 2.50 fw onwards):

  • 0x071d9804 sceKernelApiEvaluationInit
  • 0x049CC735 sceKernelApiEvaluationReport
  • 0×02786087 sceKernelRegisterApiEvaluation

All these functions just return 0 in the retail sysmem.prx which suggests it’s used in devkits only. Sounds like a reporting tool but no idea what kind of data it will log.

UtilsForKernel library:

  • 0x136f2419 sceKernelSetPTRIGMask

PTRIG is some sort of switch on a devkit similar to the dipswitches. Do not know what it controls.

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