Another large bunch of new NID’s

Syscon G-Sensor
As I mentioned in previous entries, support for an internal HDD+GSensor had been added to the kernel from 2.80. It seems SCE had wanted to keep it a secret since when I had revealed the NID’s referencing these devices, the API had promptly been removed the following firmware. Hence the HDD & GSensor NID’s only exist from 2.80-3.60. When they actually plan on releasing this HDD is anyone’s guess, though I had hoped it would have happened with the release of the PSP-3000. Well, maybe for PSP-4000…

From sceSyscon_driver:

  • 0x3357EE5C sceSysconIsFalling
  • 0x565EF519 sceSysconGetFallingDetectTime

This literally detects whether or not the PSP is falling down (the G-Sensor has an accelerometer built in) and if it is, shuts down the HDD to protect from damage.

Link to previous post about the GSensor and HDD:

Lightweight Mutex
Lightweight mutexs have recently been added to the kernel (3.80+ firmwares) however the majority of the API was placed in the sceKernelLibrary of usersystemlib.prx instead of sceThreadManager even though sceKernelCreateLwMutex/sceKernelDeleteLwMutex were still in sceThreadManager.

From Kernel_Library:

  • 0xBEA46419 sceKernelLockLwMutex
  • 0x1FC64E09 sceKernelLockLwMutexCB
  • 0xDC692EE3 sceKernelTryLockLwMutex
  • 0x15B6446B sceKernelUnlockLwMutex
  • 0xC1734599 sceKernelReferLwMutexStatus

From ThreadManForUser:

  • 0x4C145944 sceKernelReferLwMutexStatusByID

Low-level Sound Library
From 1.00-2.60 a low-level sound library was available as the scePEQ_Library_driver (peq.prx).

From scePEQ_driver:

  • 0xF7EA0632 scePeqInit
  • 0x213DE849 scePeqEntry
  • 0xED13C3B5 scePeqProc

From 2.70+ this library was replaced with sceSAScore (sc_sascore.prx – SC being the shorthand for the main cpu as opposed to ME the Media Engine cpu).

From sceSasCore_driver:

  • 0xB0F9F98F sceSasCoreInit
  • 0xE143A1EA sceSasCoreExit

For the usermode library the usual naming convention changed (no wonder there were never any hits for these nids, they used a stupid underscore, and two of them!!)

From sceSasCore:

  • 0x019B25EB __sceSasSetADSR
  • 0x07F58C24 __sceSasGetAllEnvelopeHeights
  • 0x267A6DD2 __sceSasRevParam
  • 0x2C8E6AB3 __sceSasGetPauseFlag
  • 0x33D4AB37 __sceSasRevType
  • 0x42778A9F __sceSasInit
  • 0x440CA7D8 __sceSasSetVolume
  • 0x50A14DFC __sceSasCoreWithMix
  • 0x5F9529F6 __sceSasSetSL
  • 0x68A46B95 __sceSasGetEndFlag
  • 0x74AE582A __sceSasGetEnvelopeHeight
  • 0x76F01ACA __sceSasSetKeyOn
  • 0x787D04D5 __sceSasSetPause
  • 0×99944089 __sceSasSetVoice
  • 0x9EC3676A __sceSasSetADSRmode
  • 0xA0CF2FA4 __sceSasSetKeyOff
  • 0xA232CBE6 __sceSasSetTrianglarWave
  • 0xA3589D81 __sceSasCore
  • 0xAD84D37F __sceSasSetPitch
  • 0xB7660A23 __sceSasSetNoise
  • 0xBD11B7C2 __sceSasGetGrain
  • 0xCBCD4F79 __sceSasSetSimpleADSR
  • 0xD1E0A01E __sceSasSetGrain
  • 0xD5A229C9 __sceSasRevEVOL
  • 0xD5EBBBCD __sceSasSetSteepWave
  • 0xE175EF66 __sceSasGetOutputmode
  • 0xE855BF76 __sceSasSetOutputmode
  • 0xF983B186 __sceSasRevVON

Under the same prx another sound lib, the Positional 3D Audio Library, was added in 2.80+.

From sceP3da:

  • 0x374500A5 sceP3daBridgeInit
  • 0x43F756A2 sceP3daBridgeExit
  • 0x013016F3 sceP3daBridgeCore

User Log
Added from 2.80+, can only be used on devkits.

From UtilsForKernel:

  • 0x92282A47 sceKernelRegisterUserLogHandler
  • 0x87E81561 sceKernelPutUserLog

As people may know SCE added their own official UMD Emulator to load official PSP ISO’s bought from PSN Store (such as “Beats” and many others). The scePspNpDrm_Driver (npdrm.prx) is what protects these legit ISO’s. This prx was added in 3.00 way before the actual UMD Emulator (np9660.prx) was added in 3.50 which was even quite a while before it was actually officially enabled. It was unofficially enabled beforehand under M33 CFWs as the NP9660 No-UMD ISO Loader.

From scePspNpDrm_driver:

  • 0x17E3F4BB sceNpDrmVerifyAct
  • 0x37B9B10D sceNpDrmVerifyRif
  • 0x00AD67F8 sceNpDrmGetFixedKey
  • 0x5667B7B9 sceNpDrmGetContentKey
  • 0xD36B4E6D sceNpDrmGetModuleKey
  • 0x0F9547E6 sceNpDrmGetVersionKey (incorrectly listed as scePspNpDrmInitFromGameIdMs4 on the libdocs)
  • 0xA1336091 sceNpDrmSetLicenseeKey
  • 0x9B745542 sceNpDrmClearLicenseeKey
  • 0x275987D1 sceNpDrmRenameCheck
  • 0x08D98894 sceNpDrmEdataSetupKey
  • 0x219EF5CC sceNpDrmEdataGetDataSize

VSH System Config
The vshRegSysconf lib was previously under the sceVshCommonUtil_Module upto 1.50. From 2.00 the lib was moved to the the vsh_module.

From vshmain:

  • 0x03BB4503 vshRegSysconfGetCharacterSetOem
  • 0x67BFD9C0 vshRegSysconfSetCharacterSetOem
  • 0x0FE13026 vshRegSysconfGetCharacterSetAnsi
  • 0x032D663E vshRegSysconfSetCharacterSetAnsi
  • 0xF859FC3C vshRegSysconfGetThemeSystemColor
  • 0xEE3D8305 vshRegSysconfSetThemeSystemColor

Note: I have yet to add these new NID’s to the libdoc site. I will do so when I get some spare time.

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