USB Host ??

Some new nids that may suggest that the PSP does in fact have USB Host capabilities:

  • 0x3E961C02 sceSysregUsbhostResetEnable
  • 0xACFA3764 sceSysregUsbhostResetDisable
  • 0xDA4FCA1D sceSysregUsbhostClkEnable
  • 0x228A73E1 sceSysregUsbhostClkDisable
  • 0xE321F41A sceSysregUsbhostBusClockEnable
  • 0x4D2FFC60 sceSysregUsbhostBusClockDisable
  • 0xFFEB6E00 sceSysregUsbhostQueryIntr
  • 0x87C2BA20 sceSysregUsbhostAcquireIntr

However, these nids were only added in 2.70. At the same time, sceSysregAtahdd___ nids were also added so it could be that this was for the unreleased HDD model PSP and not actually for any current model. Usb Host may have been destined for this new PSP which, along with the internal HDD+GSensor and Bluetooth, defintely would have been a dream handheld.

At one point it seemed that the new PSP-3000 would be the model to integrate these great features however that does not seem to be the case anymore. With the disappointing new features of the PSP-3000 let’s hope a PSP-4000 will finally be the time Sony releases this new model.

Another interesting fact that may mean something or may mean absolutely nothing at all:

0xBC1000B0 is the Usbhost Interrupt Status register. On normal boot this register is set to 1 however on service mode & test mode boot (ie. for battery serial 0xFFFFFFFF & 0×00000000 respectively) this register is set to 0. Whether this actually means something of significance is unknown however it is rumoured that during service mode the USB is actually plugged in (perhaps connected to a testing PC ?).

3 Responses to “USB Host ??”

  1. Nobody seems to have ever clarified it, but aren’t the USB and camera accessories using some form of butchered host type thing? The camera was introduced around the time 2.70 went out…

  2. er… make that GPS and camera, not USB and camera xD

  3. Maybe this is a new way to run the pre-ipl. Instead of using the Pandora+MMS, we now use Pandora+files from computer using usb cable.

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