Marlin DRM Platform (new nids)

Marlin is a DRM platform designed to provide interoperability across multiple devices. It’s developed by several big name corporations like Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Philips, etc.

Naturally the PSP would be a suitable target. The library sceMlnBridge (mlnbridge.prx) has existed since 2.50 but only in the last few firmwares has the API really expanded:

From sceMlnBridge (this is not the full list of nids there are still more unknown):

  • 0x13e68009 sceMlnBridgeAesEcbEncrypt
  • 0x8d7e61dd sceMlnBridgeAesEcbDecrypt
  • 0xde730a46 sceMlnBridgeAesCbcEncrypt
  • 0x7770fc23 sceMlnBridgeAesCbcDecrypt
  • 0x54edc552 sceMlnBridgeSHA1
  • 0x3505ecce sceMlnBridgeHMAC
  • 0x2fdf5639 sceMlnBridgeRandInit
  • 0xd0790a37 sceMlnBridgeRandFin
  • 0xe79622cd sceMlnBridgeRandGetBytes
  • 0xadb4797e sceMlnBridgeRsaInit
  • 0xb7e04efa sceMlnBridgeRsaFin
  • 0x10c4fec6 sceMlnBridgeSha1MakeDigest
  • 0xd455dd97 sceMlnBridgeSha256MakeDigest

Its features include a Public Key Encryption Algorithm, a Public Key Signature Algorithm, a Secret Key Encryption Algorithm, a Secret Key Signature Algorithm, a Digest Algorithm, and more. So here you have access to AES, RSA, SHA1, SHA256, & MT19937 algorithms all in a single usermode lib (though the api was stripped down again from 4.xx for some reason).

All the algorithms are done in software with the exception of AES, which it relies on MagicGate hardware to perform.

From sceMgr_driver:

  • 0xA45A63B6 sceMgrAesEcbEncrypt
  • 0x19B8F2D0 sceMgrAesEcbDecrypt
  • 0xA44A5538 sceMgrAesCbcEncrypt
  • 0xA1F6D85A sceMgrAesCbcDecrypt

These are just convenient wrappers over the sceMgrAESEncrypt/sceMgrAESDecrypt functions that were discovered earlier here.

Also, an interface through a USB driver (usbstormgr.prx).

From sceUsbstormln:

  • 0x1f4ac19c sceUsbstormlnGetCommand
  • 0x5821060d sceUsbstormlnNotifyResponse
  • 0x382898de sceUsbstormlnRegisterBuffer
  • 0x25b6f372 sceUsbstormlnUnregisterBuffer
  • 0xdec0fe8c sceUsbstormlnWaitStatus
  • 0xe11defdf sceUsbstormlnCancelWaitStatus

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