SBORPS Random Fact 06

May 22nd, 2009 silverspring

A nice hidden feature of the PSP firmware is the personalised credits screen. Just place any png picture under flash0:/vsh/resource/name_plate.png (important note: filename has to be all lower case) and it’ll show up in the System Settings -> About PSP menu. Make sure the pic is in the correct resolution (480 x 272) otherwise the PSP will stretch the image.

This feature was never documented by Sony but it has existed ever since the very first firmware v1.00. Sony typically used this feature to send personalised PSP’s as gifts to VIP’s. Now you can make your own personalised PSP too.

Blog Update

May 8th, 2009 silverspring

After being away from the PSP scene for several months (due to several factors such as illness etc.) I’ve decided to continue and will be starting to add some new content again.

I’ve realised that there has been many bits & pieces of info that I have posted around in several different places over the years (in forums etc.) that are useful however not conveniently accessible so I’ll be adding them here also. It may seem redundant since it may not necessarily be new info, however gathering all the public info together into one place will make the info more accessible to the people.

So, greets to all those who still continue to follow and be involved with the PSP community even though the PSP has passed its peak and now entering a declining stage.