SBORPS Random Fact 07

Beware of future fw updates, SCE are starting to make activity logs.

New registry categories/keys stored in flash1 registry (6.xx fw):

  1. /DATA/COUNT/boot_count (number of times booted)
  2. /DATA/COUNT/game_exec_count (number of games run)
  3. /DATA/COUNT/slide_count (number of times slide open, for the GO only)
  4. /DATA/COUNT/usb_connect_count (number of times you connect usb)
  5. /DATA/COUNT/wifi_connect_count (number of times you connect wifi)
  6. /DATA/COUNT/psn_access_count (number of times you logon psn)

These new registry keys can still be accessed via the sceReg API, sceRegOpenCategory/sceRegGetKeyValue etc.

What other things will they be tracking in future updates? Maybe logging ISO games? Secretly ‘phoning-home’ with this info? Was any of this mentioned in the EULA?

3 Responses to “SBORPS Random Fact 07”

  1. are these values only set or are they also read?
    in this case, what does the system software do with these values?

  2. silverspring Says:
    November 29th, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    I have no idea what the firmware does with these values. I assume it’s part of some data collection scheme. I guess it’s just a way for SCE to log some usage data.

  3. Did they get this idea from Microsoft?:)
    The data logged doesn’t seem useful for detecting illegal activities though (except when you reset the values to 0). Seems like a waste of flash cycles to me.s

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