The (New) PSP Tech Docs – Article01

This is just the first draft just to give you an idea of what these “tech docs” are going to be like. It’s on the PSP Boot Sequence.

And to quote before:

“It will be fairly technical but it is aimed at the general psp user and explained in a way that everyone can understand while at the same time trying to be as detailed as possible. Though I will assume that the reader has a general knowledge of terms like ‘Nand’, ‘IPL’, ‘Idstorage’, etc.

Hopefully, this will be useful for not only general users wanting to gain a better understanding of the PSP, but also devs looking for some detailed reference material.”

EDIT: First drafts of Articles 02 & 03 will be posted soon. Topic will be “2.60+ IPL Encryption” & “3.00+ Nand Encryption” respectively. Future articles I’m planning to write will include Idstorage Keys, the KIRK crypto engine, and that “other secret” crypto engine.

5 Responses to “The (New) PSP Tech Docs – Article01”

  1. Interesting doc so far, keep up the good work :-)

    There is definitely a need for docs like this now that YAPSPD is not being updated, there is a lot of information out there but it can take a while to find.

  2. Thanks SilverSpring!
    /me goes off to salivate over something that isn’t a tech doc xD

    Definitely looking forward to what you have come up with on the NAND encryption, a bit of a steep, slippery slope for me (as you should already well know ;) )

  3. Very nice, gave me a much better understanding of the preipl and the ta-082+ clockgen freeze.

    Cheers :)

  4. Damn, finally a GOOD explanation of what happens at boot. Do continue, please.

  5. Wow good job, I was searching for this!!

    But what happened with the updates? :.(

    Please continue with this docs!!!! I beg you!!!

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