SCE’s Battery Emulator (strange NID)

There is a very interesting import used in the 3.90 updater. From a prx called batemu_inst.prx there is a function used, batemu_inst_4E31BC31. The library name batemu_inst is short for Battery Emulator Install, and the nid is:

0x4E31BC31 sceUpdateBatteryEmulator

The function installs a battery emulator. Unforturnately, it seems the prx is used only on a devkit and doesnt seem to be found anywhere in the retail updater itself. Which is a shame, would’ve been nice to see what it does exactly.

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  1. Good article.

    No more tech stuff since past few weeks… :(

  2. silverspring Says:
    April 2nd, 2008 at 10:16 am

    Yea sorry uni’s been a real bitch lately.

    So full-time study + part-time work + social life + family commitments + other hobbies + few other (non-psp) projects + illness these past few weeks = very little time indeed for pspdev.

    But since you’ve noticed the lack of updates lately I felt obliged put up a new post just for those who have been following up the blog. It’s a little test I did awhile back – dumping the UMD FW version (source is included – of course).

    Hope you enjoy it :)

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