PSP-3000 (03g) a step closer to reality

The new PSP-3001 model (03g PSP) has been submitted to the FCC for testing:’AK8PSP3001

This means the new PSP-3000 model should hit retail shelves soon. Though there have been plenty of clues for months & months now, from unused nids referencing new hardware devices, a reference to a “03g” model in the IPL, that “3000″ graphic on the official Sony site, and most recently, alleged pics of a prototype.

Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the official announcement and the official list of changes. Hopefully some of the rumours that have been floating around turn out to be true (the hard disk drive comes to mind).

With the new PSP-2000 TA-088v3 model that is out now that is completely Pandora-proof you can bet the PSP-3000 will also be completely Pandora-proof. Im sure there would be plenty of people who would only want to buy a hackable PSP-3000. Though you can be sure that when this new model gets here we will all be looking thoroughly for new hacks for it.

[Waits patiently for the PSP-3000...]

Thanks to Poison for tip.

EDIT: 21st August 2008

Well it seems it has been officially announced now and the current official changelist really is disappointing. Let’s hope there are still more changes yet to be announced. Otherwise, it’s quite a disappointing model (and no doubt Pandora-proof as well). Oh well, won’t stop us from trying to hack it still ;) .

EDIT: 15th October 2008

Now that the PSP-3000 has been released it has unfortunately been confirmed that this model is indeed Pandora-proof (as expected). No extra features apart from what had already been announced. So no HDD, GSensor, Bluetooth, or USB Host on this model (even though these features are supported by the firmware). May have to wait for a PSP-4000 then…

[Waits patiently for the PSP-4000...]

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  1. Interestingly enough, they seem to have filed a request for temporary confidentiality on 7 July ’08, asking for 45 days of confidentiality on their internal/external/test photos and manual.

    The FTC listing doesn’t show any requests for renewal, so we might be seeing those docs soon :)

  2. Emm…just wait…

    Though 03g seems to be Completely_Pandora_Proof(Cpp?lol), I believe it’ll bring us sth interesting…

  3. What do u think the new function of the psp3000?I have got a psp2000 already.Do u think it’s worth to spent more money to buy a new one?PSP-2000 TA-088v3 can not be done by pandora,well,maybe the new type will use some better host stiff.Well,pandora v7 or v8 should be ready from now on?
    Emm…it’s a long time for waiting.
    oh,I’m a Chinese guy.My English is poor.:)

  4. ***custemer Allert::::: Says:
    August 28th, 2008 at 5:23 pm

    ***custemer Allert::::: fkn dumys who ever is disigning the psps,,,putt 2 analogthumbs ‘UP’ put them fkn UP exactly oposit to were that one is stupidly placed ,,and put the speakers exactly opisit to were they are now, back down u morons,,and make the 2 new amazingly placet 2 analogthumbs,,more presise and fluid motion wen u moove it so it dosint stik with no priction.
    and with better video card and screeen. and a video adio, &cam built in. and beter webbrowsing,
    and make it alot lowder,,,and have all latest movies available
    **then we will pay 350$$$ AND CALL IT psp aDVANCED ,,,,u fkn morons,,i shuld be in charge.of this

  5. lets wait for the lite pandora, they say that its use for hacking the psp 2000 4.01 and psp 3000. dont lose hope. its almost done already….

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