The (New) PSP Technical Docs

Because there is a general lack of detailed PSP System documentation available (YAPSPD is excellent and is the definitve PSP HW docs, but unfortunately is no longer updated), I’ll be writing up some technical articles for the general public. Topics will vary but will generally be detailed low level information that isnt publically available anywhere else.

It will be fairly technical but it is aimed at the general psp user and explained in a way that everyone can understand while at the same time trying to be as detailed as possible. Though I will assume that the reader has a general knowledge of terms like ‘Nand’, ‘IPL’, ‘Idstorage’, etc.

Hopefully, this will be useful for not only general users wanting to gain a better understanding of the PSP, but also devs looking for some detailed reference material.

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  1. Great idea, just discovered your site while looking for deeper info on PSP-ASM and hardware. I you have a mailing list, please put me on it…

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